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Marie Neumanova et Marcela Skuherska




Née en 1946

Meilleur classement: ? (47e mondiale en déc 1981)


7 tournois remportés (?): le premier à Reggio Calabria en 1969 et le dernier à Tokyo en 1981.

2 finales perdues à Turin en 1969 (pc Vopickova 64 62) et Alexandrie en 1974 (pc Chuvyrina 63 57 64).



Meilleures performances en Grand Chelem:


Open d'Australie: 1/8e de finale en 1980 (pc Ruzici 75 63)

Roland Garros: 1/4 de finale en 1974 (pc Morozova 63 62)

Wimbledon: 1/32e de finale en 1978 (pc King 63 62)

                                                          1979 (pc McDaniel, 76 62)

                                                       1981 (pc Allen 46 62 61)

US Open: 1/16e de finale en 1978 (pc Navratilova 61 62)

Marie Neumanova et Marcela Skuherska




Née en 1961

Meilleur classement: ? (91e en octobre 1984)


Aucun tournoi remporté.

1 finale perdue en 1983 à Nashville (pc Horvath 64 63)



Meilleures performances en Grand Chelem:


Open d'Australie: 1/64e de finale en 1983 (pc turnbull 61 62)

Roland Garros: 1/32e de finale en 1982 (pc Gadusek 64 63)

                                                 1984 (pc Jexell 62 63)

Wimbledon: 1/16e de finale en 1984 (pc Potter 61 63)

US Open: 1/32e de finale en 1983 (pc Turnbull 46 63 63)

                                          1984 (pc A. Minter 62 61)  

Marie Neumanova et Marcela Skuherska

Mauro 12/07/2015 10:33

OK Binox, Neumanova was ambidextrous, but, please, remove that photo that doesn't show her but Ingrid Loeys.

BINOX 12/07/2015 10:58

it's done

Mauro 12/07/2015 02:06

I have discovered the identity of that woman that you think be Neumanova Pinterova!!
She is the left-handed Ingrid Loeys that won the "Coupe Bivort" ended 29 December 1966, defeating Marie Neumanova in the final.
Look at this Ingrid Loeys' photo and you will see that she is the woman that you have passed off for Neumanova:
There are no more doubts....
...and Neumanova is NOT ambidextrous...
Mauro, alias Jimbo109 on Tennisforum.com

BINOX 12/07/2015 10:25

SHE IS ambidextrous!
WTA media guide 1982 : "she is ambidextrous and use to serve and take overheads lefthanded while hitting grounstrokes and volley right handed"

i'm ok for the photo...but sometime, you are not right! ;-)

Mauro 12/07/2015 01:24

If you give me an email address, I will send you some photos of Neumanova Pinterova, so you will see that she was totally different from that unknown woman that you have posted as Neumanova Pinterova.
Evidently it has been a mistake of "Tennis de France".
Write me to: luce.notte@yahoo.it

Mauro 11/07/2015 23:21

Hello Binox, the photo of Marie NEUMANOVA-PINTEROVA is wrong. That woman is not Marie NEUMANOVA-PINTEROVA, that she was a total different woman: lower, short hair, and right-handed.
Where did you take that photo? Remove it, please.

Mauro, alias Jimbo109 on Tennisforum.com

binox 12/07/2015 01:10

...and Neumanova is ambidextrous...

binox 12/07/2015 01:08

it's marie Neumanova in 1967 during "coupe BIvort" (tennis de France n°167 fevrier 1967)